At Greek Family Farm, we are driven by high standards. Our goal is to ensure exceptional product quality with respect to our long tradition and our local environment. That’s why quality control begins from the very first stage of production: the selection of the best and most suitable varieties of crops to be planted for animal feeding. Our dedication to excellence is confirmed by the 9+1 quality policies we implement:

  1. Only pure ingredients

We pay special attention to the ingredients that we use for our cheese. In order to achieve the authenticity and uniqueness of our products, we only use pure ingredients and apply strict rules at all stages of production. The milk produced at sheep pens enters the manufacturing process within 1 hour of its collection, in order to keep its freshness and nutritional value.

  1. Respecting animal welfare & the environment

GFF respects the animal welfare and controls all parameters of the production process from field and fodder to livestock management.   Our animals are grazing at open private fields, have humane treatment, excellent shed conditions and continues access to water and organic feeds. The company is under the process of gaining the high standards animal welfare certification.

  1. Scientific monitoring of our production

Our selected team of scientists monitors every aspect of the cheese-making process and performs over 450 analyses every day, using our fully equipped chemical laboratory.  This is done to achieve the highest standards of quality control from the raw materials up to the final product.

We use only microbial rennet in our entire cheese production.

  1. Globally recognized certifications

Greek Family Farm produces protected designation of origin (PDO) FETA cheese. Our total production operates under fully controlled, hygiene and quality conditions, certified by the quality assurance systems ISO and B.R.C. Our products meet the highest standards and have received the following accreditations:


  1. Combining traditional with modern techniques of production

We ideally combine modern facilities and production techniques with the art of traditional cheesemaking. Our products such as goat and sheep cheese are produced using the age-old methods of our ancestors, so that they may develop and maintain their characteristic flavor and aroma right up to the moment you taste them.

  1. Continuous employee training

Our company implements a continuous training program for all employees in production and administration, updating their knowledge and skills to the modern market needs.

  1. Our investment to Research & Development

Since 2015, Family Farm cooperates closely with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Thessaly conducting research that aims at improving the welfare and performance of productive sheep in Greece. Our current research focuses on the conditions of the microclimate in livestock buildings and its correlation with to the quantity of produced milk as well as with its quality characteristics (i.e. chemical composition and number of somatic cells). Meanwhile, we take great pride in our efforts to develop new innovative functional products for individuals predisposed to various diseases, through constant R&D innovation.

  1. A holistic approach to CSR

At Greek Family Farm, we firmly believe that our business model should have a positive impact on our society, economy and environment. That’s why Corporate Social Responsibility is critical to us. One of our goals is to achieve a higher integration of CSR in our business operation and strategy.

Our CSR priorities are:

– Supporting our local community.

– Improving Labor Practices.

– Adapting to Climate Change and protecting the Environment.

  1. Creating a totally “Green” company for the future

At Greek Family Farm, we are determined to become a more sustainable business. Our Environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on “green” issues such as energy, waste management and climate change. In order to reach our goal, we’ve already devised a green strategic plan which includes prompt actions such as improving our waste treatment with anaerobic digestion as well as producing gas covering our needs in hot water and boosting our energy by self-catering from 2 photovoltaic systems of 600KW total power.

  1. Spreading our values abroad

Healthy nutrition is a matter of the utmost importance for every citizen around the world. Greek Family Farm is also in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Agriculture in order to promote the exports and establish Greek FETA in the USA and UAE.