Cosmocert certification, according to the Animal Welfare Model_ An initiative that proves the sensitivity of GREEK FAMILY FARM in the optimal living of productive animals.

Greek Family Farm was certified by Cosmocert with the Animal Welfare Standard, proving not only the company’s sensitivity to the optimal living of productive animals, but also its commitment to every new development, as it is a completely new certification service. Cosmocert, which was found in 2013, is accredited by the National Accreditation System and approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, as a body for control and certification of organic products and confirms its focus on the development of Greek Entrepreneurship and the reliability of certification.

Cosmocert certification, according to the Animal Welfare Standard, concerns the well-being of farm animals and is a triangular two-way profit relationship between the animals, companies and consumers!

Speaking of optimal leaving, we refer to proper nutrition, ensuring health and creating a proper and safe environment, so that animals can express their innate behavior, as not to suffer from unpleasant situations, like as pain, anxiety and fear. We are proud to contribute this way to maintaining the natural balances of the environment, which tend to degenerate day by day.

By offering our consumers one more certification of our products, we take the baton which leads to more competitive, more quality and more qualified paths in the global market, ensuring for our customers the best possible product!

Nastopoulos Spyros,
Commercial Director, Member of BOD
20/01/2022, Almyros
Maganitsa Platanou